Paul McCartney Live Albums

Paul McCartney is playing at Glastonbury on Saturday night. I’m very excited about the prospect of watching it on TV. I almost wish I was wallowing in mud and sleeping in a tent afterwards. Almost. This has given me the perfect excuse to listen to his live albums.

Paul McCartney has released seven live albums in his career. In total, 115 different songs have been released on these seven albums, including 42 Beatles songs.

Wings Over America


Wings Over America is a triple vinyl album and was compiled when Paul McCartney’s sound engineer listened to over 800 hours of recorded material and selected the five best performances of each song. Paul McCartney then made the final selection, choosing most of the songs from a show in Los Angeles on 23rd June, 1976. Most of the backing vocals were overdubbed in a studio.

Tripping The Live Fantastic


One of the joys of listening to these live albums is in discovering songs that I had previously overlooked. There’s a fantastic song called “We Got Married” from “Flowers In The Dirt” which has some typically gorgeous Paul McCartney melodies and ends with some dramatic guitar and keyboard playing.



Unplugged” was designed as a vehicle for artists to display their musical virtuosity by playing acoustic instruments. Many bands cheated by playing electric instruments but Paul McCartney and his band did indeed played all their instruments unplugged.

Paul Is Live


The title of “Paul Is Live” is a play on the “Paul Is Dead” rumours that started towards the end of his time with The Beatles. The cover is a play on the “Abbey Road” cover but the registration on the car has been changed from 281F (28, if he had been alive) to read 51IS (now 51 years old and he is alive).

Back In The U.S.


“Back In The U.S.” was only released in the U.S.A., but a similar album called “Back In The World” was released, worldwide, a few months later. The writing credits for all Beatles songs on the album were changed from “Lennon-McCartney” to “Paul McCartney and John Lennon”. This decision was motivated by Yoko Ono omitting Paul McCartney’s co-writing credit from “Give Peace A Chance” on the 1997 compilation, “Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon”.

Good Evening New York City


The songs on this album consist of material performed over three nights at the first concerts to be held at the Citi Field, New York, the new home of The New York Mets. The stadium was built as a replacement for The Shea Stadium where The Beatles had played in front of a world record audience of 55000 in 1965.

Live In Los Angeles (Amoeba Gig)


Sometimes this album is simply called “Amoeba Gig”, named after the record store where the gig took place. It was originally released as a giveaway with The Mail On Sunday. I can forgive Paul McCartney most things but…

A list of every song included on all Paul McCartney’s live albums, arranged in order of their original release. Sad but true.

SongAlbumYearWings Over AmericaTripping The Live Fan- tasticUn- pluggedPaul Is LiveBack In The U.S.Good Evening New York CityLive In Los Angeles (Amoe- ba Gig)
I Saw Her Standing TherePlease Please Me1963 1  111
All My LovingWith The Beatles1963   11  
I Wanna Be Your ManWith The Beatles1963   1   
And I Love HerA Hard Day’s Night1964  1    
Can’t Buy Me LoveA Hard Day’s Night1964 1  1  
Things We Said TodayA Hard Day’s Night1964 1     
Kansas CityBeatles For Sale1964   1   
MatchboxLong Tall Sally EP1964 1     
She’s A WomanSingle1964  1    
I’ve Just Seen A FaceHelp!19651 1    
YesterdayHelp!196511  11 
Drive My CarRubber Soul1965   1 11
MichelleRubber Soul1965   1   
Day TripperSingle1965     1 
I’m DownSingle1965     1 
We Can Work It OutSingle1965  111  
Eleanor RigbyRevolver1966 1  11 
Got To Get You Into My LifeRevolver1966 1   1 
Here, There And EverywhereRevolver1966  111  
Paperback WriterSingle1966   1 1 
Magical Mystery TourMagical Mystery Tour1967   1   
The Fool On The HillMagical Mystery Tour1967 1  1  
A Day In The LifeSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band1967     1 
Getting BetterSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band1967    1  
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band1967 1  11 
Hello GoodbyeSingle1967    1  
Penny LaneSingle1967   1   
Hey JudeSingle1968 1  111
Lady MadonnaSingle19681  1111
Back In The U.S.S.R.The Beatles1968 1  111
BirthdayThe Beatles1968 1     
BlackbirdThe Beatles19681 1 111
Helter SkelterThe Beatles1968     1 
Mother Nature’s SonThe Beatles1968    1  
Carry That WeightAbbey Road1969 1  1  
Golden SlumbersAbbey Road1969 1     
SomethingAbbey Road1969    11 
The EndAbbey Road1969 1     
Give Peace A ChanceSingle1969     1 
Get BackLet It Be1970 1   11
I’ve Got A FeelingLet It Be1970     1 
Let It BeLet It Be1970 1  11 
The Long And Winding RoadLet It Be197011  11 
Every NightMcCartney1970  1 1  
JunkMcCartney1970  1    
Maybe I’m AmazedMcCartney197011  1  
That Would Be SomethingMcCartney1970  1    
C MoonSingle1972    1 1
Hi Hi HiWingspan19721      
Band On The RunBand On The Run197311  11 
BluebirdBand On The Run19731      
JetBand On The Run197311  11 
Let Me Roll ItBand On The Run19731  111 
Mrs VanderbiltBand On The Run1973     1 
Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)Band On The Run19731      
Live And Let DieRed Rose Speedway197311 111 
My LoveRed Rose Speedway19731  111 
Call Me Back AgainVenus And Mars19751      
Letting GoVenus And Mars19751      
Listen To What The Man SaidVenus And Mars19751      
Magneto And Titanium ManVenus And Mars19751      
Medicine JarVenus And Mars19751      
Rock ShowVenus And Mars19751      
Spirits Of Ancient EgyptVenus And Mars19751      
Venus And MarsVenus And Mars19751      
You Gave Me The AnswerVenus And Mars19751      
Beware My LoveWings At The Speed Of Sound19761      
Let ‘Em InWings At The Speed Of Sound19761      
Silly Love SongsWings At The Speed Of Sound19761      
Time To HideWings At The Speed Of Sound19761      
Go NowWings Over America19761      
Richard CoryWings Over America19761      
SoilyWings Over America19771      
Coming UpMcCartney II1980 1  1  
Ebony And IvoryTug Of War1982 1     
Here TodayTug Of War1982    111
Figure Of EightFlowers In The Dirt1989 1     
My Brave FaceFlowers In The Dirt1989 1     
Put It ThereFlowers In The Dirt1989 1     
Rough RideFlowers In The Dirt1989 1     
This OneFlowers In The Dirt1989 1     
We Got MarriedFlowers In The Dirt1989 1     
Ain’t That A ShameTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
Crackin’ UpTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
Don’t Let The Sun Catch You CryingTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
If I Were Not Upon The StageTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
Inner City MadnessTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
SallyTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
TogetherTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
Twenty Flight RockTripping The Live Fantastic1990 1     
Ain’t No SunshineUnplugged1991  1    
Be-Bop-A-LulaUnplugged1991  1    
Blue Moon Of KentuckyUnplugged1991  1    
Good Rockin’ TonightUnplugged1991  11   
Hi-Heel SneakersUnplugged1991  1    
I Lost My Little GirlUnplugged1991  1    
Singing The BluesUnplugged1991  1    
Biker Like An IconOff The Ground1993   1   
C’Mon PeopleOff The Ground1993   1   
Hope Of DeliveranceOff The Ground1993   1   
Looking For ChangesOff The Ground1993   1   
Peace In The NeighbourhoodOff The Ground1993   1   
A Fine DayPaul Is Live1993   1   
Calico SkiesFlaming Pie1997     1 
Flaming PieFlaming Pie1997     1 
Driving RainDriving Rain2001    1  
Lonely RoadDriving Rain2001    1  
Your Loving FlameDriving Rain2001    1  
FreedomBack In The U.S.2002    1  
Vanilla SkyBack In The U.S.2002    1  
Dance TonightMemory Almost Full2007     11
Only Mama KnowsMemory Almost Full2007     11
That Was MeMemory Almost Full2007      1
HighwayElectric Arguments2008     1 
Sing The ChangesElectric Arguments2008     1 

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