Static Transmission by Steve Wynn And The Miracle Three


I’m not a very good dancer. Well, obviously I’m not a very good dancer now but I never was. Probably the first time I ever danced to music was at Paul Mepham’s party in 1969. After that, it would have been at Royal Holloway; maybe dancing to “Sister Ray” at the Head disco on a Wednesday or “Hi Ho Silver Lining” at Stomp on a Friday. Asking someone to dance because I felt sorry for them. What a wanker I was. Presumably they only acquiesced because they felt even sorrier for me. At Worcester College we used to get a coach somewhere and go to a disco. I don’t remember very much about that except that I was a very confused and na├»ve 22 year old. Then it was the Tye Green dinner dances or discos in the rugby club. Thank goodness there was no social media at that time. One of the last times I danced was at Ben and Anne’s party, probably about 15 years ago when Ben had asked me to make the music. Was it Ben’s 50th? I can’t remember the occasion but I know that at one point Roo and I were dancing to “Amphetamine” by Steve Wynn; we were the only people in the room and Katie popped her head in the door to see who was there and beat an understandably hasty retreat because it was such a terrible sight.

“I was driving down the 101. It was late at night and I was thinking ’bout the things that I’d done. All of my regrets and all of my fears.” Well, last year, Pete and I were driving UP Highway 101 from Crestline in the hills outside Los Angeles to Clayton in the San Francisco suburbs. Highway 101 is actually over 1500 miles long as it extends north, nearly to Seattle. We stayed in a brilliant little town called Templeton which is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you look carefully at the photo on the left, you can just identify the gun shop.

Steve Wynn was the founding member of a brilliant “Paisley Underground” group called The Dream Syndicate. They existed between 1981 and 1989 before they split up although they reformed in 2012 and are still producing great records. Steve Wynn made a great record with Dan Stuart of Green On Red called “The Lost Weekend” in 1985 and Chris Cacavas from the early days of Green On Red plays on “Static Transmission.”

Here’s part of the review from AllMusic: “Steve Wynn continues his winning streak on “Static Transmission”. His albums have always been tough, smart, funny, and above full of living, fire-breathing soul. This is 50 minutes of lean and nasty rock & roll with loud guitars, gritty lyrics, and a bleeding heart. The guitars howl and Wynn growls his noir lyrics like someone who knows what he is talking about. This is a great album by a rock & roll survivor.”

All I know is that playing “Amphetamine” again, I find it hard to sit still.

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